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Hangover Half Marathon – Albany, NY

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Hangoer Half Marathon

As I prepare for my 15th half marathon, I reflect on my last half marathon I completed in January.

The Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club organizes a half marathon and 3.5 mile timed run on January 1 every year. This was my first year running the event after years of having it on my list. 

 I do not really have a ton of photos. I went out sort of haphazardly. I was trapped inside for the prior two weeks with a sick child.  My longest run was 8 miles since September so I was not prepared. But it was a beautiful day and I had boot camp and tabata conditioning on my side so off I went.
The course is not the prettiest route, unless your viewing pleasure consists of empty parking lots and 1960’s architecture. The race is also very bare bones. No bibs, no gatorade/electrolytes, water starts around the 4/5 mile mark, no time chips, no spectators and gasp!!–NO porta-potties. Now normally I do not need a port-a-potty but Murphy’s Law always seems to come in play when I least need it.
These runners that run this race are FAST! At 5 ft 4 inches I was a running midget among the 6 ft + star runners. My attire of  free pink Dunkin’ Donuts hat, fleece gloves, long pants, winter jacket definitely made me stand out among the high school and college cross country jersey’s and Boston Qualifier shirts. But hey, I could always implement Operation Sneak Out and quietly slip out on one of the many loops and enjoy some free coffee or 15 bean soup . After all, I did not glowing announce to my friends and family on facebook that I was even up yet, much less running a half marthon. But, it was a fantastic winter day in upstate NY and my fan club consisting of my husband and two boys were ready to cheer me on the course. So, off I went.
I made my way to the start line, a light pole next to a driveway to the track. A man on a bull horn gets on. I can’t hear what he says, but we all turn around and start walking the other way. Then we turn back around. He makes a comment about a “very important annoucement”. After that he sounds like the teacher in Charlie Brown. My pink fleece hat, the ear buds in my ears, the chatter around me, I couldn’t hear. I am a rule girl, I need to know the rules, but no one else seemed to be as concerned. Then we were running.
 Twenty yards into it, I am thinking maybe this was not such a good idea.
If at first you commit, don’t quit!
Ok, I think I made that title off of a bungling of several legitimate famous quotes but it worked for me. I was running and at a relatively decent pace to have me on track for a PR.  Note, I am one to stop and take pictures of scenery, pick daiseys and enjoy the water stops as if there were my personal cocktail hour. There were none of these things to otherwise cause me to wander off in ADD splendor. I was left with the desire to just finish it and be done. A host of wind tunnel winds, water cup droughts, missing porta-potties, hunger and desire to stop running in circles greatly contributed to my best overall finish. At mile 9/10 i really needed to find a bathroom. (Why did I try that recipe for Kale chips just before heading out the door????). But alas, my options were to tough if out or bail.  My ego won and I kept going.
PR Baaaabbbyyyy
Ok, my PR is not going in the record books. But for me, I nailed it. Despite my 2:25:33 respectable pace beating my previous PR by almost 2 minutes, I was almost dead last at 368 out of 385. This group is fast!!!
 Why do it?
  • The cost – it is free to Hudson Mohawk Road Running Club members and $5 for non-members.
  • The ease – it is an easy in and out at the SUNY Ablany campus.
  • Food – The food and liquid on the course is light but the before and after spread is pretty good for a small low-key race. They had 15-bean soup, a coffee spread, cookies, bananas, and pizza afterwards.
PR – 2:25:33
Overall: 368 out of 385
Average Pace: 11:07
Like I said earlier, this was a FAST group. The last person came in at 2:40:55.  Of course, I saw quite a few implementing Operation Sneak Out…
Next up, the Yuengling Half Marathon in Virginia Beach in March!

Monday Morning Recap – February 6, 2012

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On my exercise review for the week I completed approximately 5 hours of exercise and ran/walked about 13 miles.  I was shy on the total mileage but hit my exercise goal of 5-7 hours a week. My goal for the next week is 20 miles run/walks and 5-7 hours of exercise.

Monday January 30, 2012


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run 30 min in two seperate sessions.  My work day was insane so I broke it out into two runs.

2.01 miles @ 20:41 (10:18 avg/min/mi). Mile 1: 10:49 min; Mile 2: 9:48 min.

1.01 miles @ 9:20

1 hour bootcamp class

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2.01 miles @21:55 (10:53 avg/min/mi). Mile 1: 11:00 min; Mile 2: 10:47 min

1 hour Tabata class


3.78 mile walk @ 56:48 min (15:02 ave/min/mi)




6.04 mile run @ 1 hour 6 minues (10:56 ave/min/mi)

Monday Morning Recap January 30, 2012

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This week I really wanted to work in an eight mile run.  I faced a few challenges with this. It was a very busy work week, I had 8 hours of class a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as trying to work in a 40-50 hour work week and a few family activities. I basically crammed any any exercise I could in every ounce of spare time I had. I never found the two hours I needed to set aside to prepare and run 8 miles. But considering my insane week I was pleased overall with the time I spent working out.  I missed my overall exercise goal time by about 45 minutes and my mileage by 9 miles.

Exercise goal each week: 5-6 hours a week.

Running goal: 16-20 miles a week.


Rest day


1 hour boot camp class.


15 min tempo run on track (1.5 miles)

1 hour Tabata Class


 2.5 mile walk @ 15:06 min pace (37:45 min)

1 hour bootcamp class






5k run at 10:23 pace (32:51)


Five pounds in five weeks – Week 1

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This year I want to loose 10 pounds for a variety of reasons. I want to improve my half marathon times, compete in a full marathon and eventually run the Goofy Challenge in Disney in 2013. Some experts estimate that a 10 pound weight loss can contribute to a 20 second improvement per mile. You can read further in the Runner’s World Article How Does Weight Loss Affect My Running Speed.  My goal is to slowly loose the first 5 pounds and work in a plateau period where I safely maintain the weight for a period before loosing the last 5 pounds.


Loose 5 pounds in 5 weeks.

Start Weight


Goal Weight


Note, I spoke with my Dr. and discussed loosing 10 lbs and the reasons for wanting the weight loss (faster run times, better conditioning) and received her approval before embarking on this goal.


Burn approximately 300-500 calories 5-6 days a week.

Minimize sweets and increase fruit, vegetable and water consumption.

Weigh myself once a week on Mondays. AKA Manic Mondays.


Walked 3.2 miles with a friend. Burned 266 calories

Stationary bike 20 minutes. Burned 91 calories

Aqua jogged (aka tossed my children into a large lazy river and ran around trying to keep up with them). 15 minutes approx 200 cals


1 hour Barre Flow class (approx 250 cals)

20 minutes EFX machine (approx 125 cals)

Walked 1 mile (approx 100 cals)

~Then I ditched all those calories in a bag of vanilla cream cookies from the vending machine. 

Tip: When looking at total calories for a snack sized bag pay attention to the number of servings. 

Case in point. The bag of vanilla cream cookies displayed 150 calories and 3 grams of fat. But there were 3.5 servings in the bag! Enough for my entire family. Total calories consumed = 150*3.5 = 525 calories! That is an entire meal!


Barre Fitness – 45 minutes – Calories—I have no clue, but it hurt like heck! Read about my Barre Fitness adventure at my blog post This Barre Doesn’t Serve Martinis.

P.S. I am starving. That crazy a$$ class better have burned a lot of calories. I cannot fill up on butternut squash soup, oatmeal, hummus and a green smoothies!!!


Day off!


2.5 mile run

Gyrontonics – I will have a blog post on this soon.  I do not think I burned much though.

Ditched those calories in half a radio bar and a glass of Pepsi!

Monday Weigh in



———–   137.5 ————-

I gained 1.5 pounds. 😦

Ok. I would like to blame it on something cosmic. I would LOVE to blame it on something cosmic. But there were things I could have done better.

“If at first you do not succeed, try, try again”

Plans for this week.

Drink more water. I was really bad at that last week.

Eat better. Although I did a decent job of eating fruits and vegetables, I also worked in extra snacking, sweets I could have done without and other wrong food choices.

Work out 6 days. Last week I only worked in 4 days of workouts to allow my body the time to recover from a half marathon. This week the goal is to work in at least 6 days of 30 minute workouts with a variety of strength training, running, walking and yoga.



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