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The Early Bird Runner

In I thought they said "rum" on November 27, 2012 at 8:29 am

I must confess, I have two running addictions –in addition to my running addiction.

Admission No. 1 – I use several different running tools while I run.

This may change since I just received a brand new Garmin 610 Special Edition but my main and favorite tool is the Runkeeper app on my phone. It has the best stats for a middle of the road runner like myself. I also recently became hooked on the Nike + app. While it is a more motivational tool for beginner runners, I do like some of their features.  One of which is their handy chart that tells me the time of day I tend to run.  Which leads me to my second addiction

Admission No. 2 – I post a lot of sunrise photos on Facebook.

It just comes with the territory of being my friend on Facebook.  I run early, and like to post the view. Facebook is like my own personal memory book since I am terrible at keeping up with photos and diaries. I think my runner friends relate, the non-runner friends have either hidden my posts or have accepted it as a condition of staying friends on Facebook. 😉

Evening moon

But I had the rare occurrence of putting in an evening run the other night. I was pretty sick and I just could not last through a rigorous boot camp class. I saved any exercise for the evening when I could handle a light workout. Now, I am a big promoter of running safety so I swallow my disdain of treadmill running and head for the gym once it is dark.

Last night was a very cloudy and exceptionally dark evening despite the full moon.  As I left the gym, the moon peaked out through a small hole in the dark clouds and I had a opportunity to capture a moonrise.  And yes, I shared this with all my friends on facebook 😉

❤ Jennie

My Marathon Bucket List – My Top 10 Must Do Marathons

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My husband completed the NYC marathon twice.  He loves that race and it was on his bucket list.  I am a serial half marathoner. I like to be finished, clean and drinking a beer watching the runners trickle in. But something about a marathon sounds quite impressive. Plus, you can only qualify for Boston if you run a full marathon (and can run like a maniac!). But running like a maniac, whittling myself down to a stealth running weight and permanently tatooing a Boston Marathon shamrock on my body just sound appealing. Not to mention the better schwag, higher prestige and pure out stamina sets one apart from the crowd.  So here is my bucket list in no particular order.

Map of the Paris Marathon

  1. Boston Marathon – This marathon is held in Boston, MA every April. Only the fastest even have the opportunity to compete. Even if you do gain a spot to register, you may not get in. This may not get checked off until I am 100 and happen to be the only person registered in my age group but if you have a goal you need to reach for the stars.
  2. Great Wall of China Marathon – Running one of the wonders of the world in a foreign country? Count me in. Oh, and yes…because I am a little crazy.
  3. Nike Women’s Marathon – This marathon is developed for Team in Training that supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, my favorite running cause. Not only do you help wipe out blood cancers but this is a girls only race with a Tiffany box on a silver platter held by a fire fighter in a tux waiting at the end. There is not much I would not do for a  Tiffany blue box.
  4. Disney Goofy Challenge – This aptly named two-day event includes completing a half marathon on a Saturday and a full marathon on a Sunday. Its Disney, you get three awesome medals and the prestige of completing 39.3 miles in two days. My goal is to complete this in my 39th year. Thirty-nine miles for 39 years proving once again I am a little goofy.
  5. San Francisco MarathonWhile the Nike Women’s Marathon is also hosted in San Francisco, the San Francisco Marathon’s course takes you running across the Golden Gate bridge. I lived in the Bay Area and never once ran across my favorite bridge, so this one makes my must-do list.

    The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...

    The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA at sunset taken from the Marin Headlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  6. Maui Marathon – Well, first it is Hawaii. This is also the last big vacation my husband and I too before children so its also nostalgic. Finally, the spa’s on the island are some of the best in the world! A day filled with running, oceans and spas sounds like a perfect event!
  7. Bermuda Traingle Challenge – Complete three events in three days and receive four medals. I am a medal junkie so the more the merrier. In this event you run a mile on Friday, a 10k on Saturday and then you choose between a half marathon or full marathon on Sunday.
  8. New York City Marathon – I for some reason do not have the most incredible desire to run this marathon but I live 2 hours from the city and I am told its the one to do. What is appealing is that it is difficult to get in, has outstanding crowd support and you get to see NYC in a unique way.
  9. Jungfrau Marathon – This marathon that runs into the Swiss Alps is deemed by some to be the most beautiful marathon in the world.
  10. Paris Marathon – While not as popular as the London Marathon this race is chock full of sites through Paris.  This marathon omits the miles of desolation and takes you by Paris’s best tourist attractions.

Time to start saving and training!

❤ Jennie

Great discount on running shoes!

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Plum District For Moms. By Moms

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What? offers thousands of shoes for men, women and children including athletic shoes.

Tip has popular brands of running shoes such as Mizzuno and Asics. I found my favorite make and model on their site. If you already know your size, an model it is a fantastic way to restock your closet!


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Lucky 13.1?

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This past weekend I embarked upon my thirteenth half marathon. Seven years ago after the birth of my son I was suckered into joining a half marathon training group.  My son was only five months old when I started training. Had it not been for the lack of sleep and judgement I may have never begun this journey. But here I am 13 half marathons later and loving it! I picked an easy flat almost downhill course. The Mohawk Hudson Marathon attracts Boston hopefuls with its fast course.  It is listed as one of the top 10 Boston qualifiers. You can read more in the article 10 Best Boston Qualifiers. It was also on my own turf. I run parts of the course several times a month. This was going to be no problem to a seasoned half marathoner! In fact, I planned to blow away my personal record.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.


But something about this 13th scared me. After all, there are 12 months in a year, 12 apostles, 12 hours in the am and pm, 12 days of Christmas, the 12th Man (whoop, I am an Aggie!).  My 12th half marathon was my hardest and I PR’d by 26 seconds. Would number 13 finally do me in? Hotels and airlines go through great lengths to often re-number floors to skip unlucky 13. Friday the 13th = bad luck. I sweated through Friday the 13th of my first pregancy only to be relieved he was born on Saturday the 14th.   Triskaidekaphobia is a word to describe the fear of the number 13. This could be serious! (Insert dry humor here.)

I prepared for months. I even organized a running group to help motivate others and to keep me motivated. I worked HARD!  But the season had a few setbacks for me. A flare up with a neck injury causing bad migranes and pain. Some personal changes had me distracted over the season. Then three weeks before the event I caught a bad virus, lost my voice and was riddled with bad headaches and exhaustion. Attemps to run had me looking pale and glazed in fever sweat. One week before the race I spent the weekend in bed on Sudafed, Amoxicillan and Advil nursing the baterial infection that resulted after the virus. Then there was a quick visit from the kidney stone fairy and an unseasonable heat wave race weekend. It appeared the trifecta of bad luck was upon me. —Oh the drama!  The mental runner in me wanted to take over.

Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right.”
-Henry Ford

But by Sunday, the race day, I was functional and felt I could have a safe run. I was going to have to be conservative. Goals of blowing away my previous times were most likely gone but I had trained hard.  I kept up with my conditioning doing yoga and strength training. I could do it, even if it meant just scraping into a PR. And I changed my mental attitude. Yes, it was going to be very warm. Yes, I was weaker from 3 weeks of viruses and infection. But I have run next to individuals in cancer treatment who out ran me.  Yes, I did not run the way I wanted to the last two weeks. But, maybe 13 is not so unlucky, particularly in sports. Dan Marino, Alex Rodriguez, Wilt Chamberlin and Shaquille O’Neal, Yao Ming have all donned the number 13 at some point in their careers. Maybe in sports, 13 means something different. I was going to run safe, run consistent and I WAS going to get my PR.  And I DID! By 2 minutes and 58 seconds!

Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon Bib

My 13th Half Marathon Bib

As I dragged myself to the post race massage tent to repair my cramped up muscles a girl in line started small talk. This was her first half marathon and I congratulated her. Then she asked if it was my first. I told her it was my 13th waiting for the comment on “unlucky 13”.

 Instead she said, “Oh, wow! Well this is a pivitol run! You have completed thirteen, 13.1’s!”

And there lies the poetry. I picked an event to love that in itself should be considered “unlucky”. Each time I sign up for a half marathon I elect to run 13.1 miles. Maybe 13 is not so unlucky after all….



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