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The Early Bird Runner

In I thought they said "rum" on November 27, 2012 at 8:29 am

I must confess, I have two running addictions –in addition to my running addiction.

Admission No. 1 – I use several different running tools while I run.

This may change since I just received a brand new Garmin 610 Special Edition but my main and favorite tool is the Runkeeper app on my phone. It has the best stats for a middle of the road runner like myself. I also recently became hooked on the Nike + app. While it is a more motivational tool for beginner runners, I do like some of their features.  One of which is their handy chart that tells me the time of day I tend to run.  Which leads me to my second addiction

Admission No. 2 – I post a lot of sunrise photos on Facebook.

It just comes with the territory of being my friend on Facebook.  I run early, and like to post the view. Facebook is like my own personal memory book since I am terrible at keeping up with photos and diaries. I think my runner friends relate, the non-runner friends have either hidden my posts or have accepted it as a condition of staying friends on Facebook. 😉

Evening moon

But I had the rare occurrence of putting in an evening run the other night. I was pretty sick and I just could not last through a rigorous boot camp class. I saved any exercise for the evening when I could handle a light workout. Now, I am a big promoter of running safety so I swallow my disdain of treadmill running and head for the gym once it is dark.

Last night was a very cloudy and exceptionally dark evening despite the full moon.  As I left the gym, the moon peaked out through a small hole in the dark clouds and I had a opportunity to capture a moonrise.  And yes, I shared this with all my friends on facebook 😉

❤ Jennie

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