Welcome to Run! Jennie, run! running for a healthy and active lifestyle. If I could be Erma Bombeck with a splash of Chelsea Handler my life would be complete. Two women whose shoes I can never fill but I use them for inspiration and look at the funny side of things when the going gets tough. In sports, I will try about anything that doesn’t involve blood, near death experiences or risk of loss of limb. Extreme fighting and strongest man competition are out but I am game for a Warrior Dash in between yoga sessions. 

My first love is running. I am a coach and organizer for a local running group called USA Fit Albany. I love to run for charity. I am currently training for my 5th fundraising event with Team in Training and I have participanted in numerous charity races.


Mile 14 on my first marthon. The Vermont City Marathon,

Here is a little more about me:


Where fun meets a healthy active lifestyle.

Favorite Exercise Slogans

Badass Mother Runner

I thought they said “Rum”

Pain now, wine later.

Toenails are for sissies.

I drive my mom to drink…run!

Favorite exercise

Running! Half marathons are my favorite. I have completed 15 of them and still counting. And I completed my first full marathon in May 2012.

Most fun I have ever had exercising.

The Warrior Dash 2011. It was the most fun I have ever had. I never stopped smiling! It was hysterical and also the slowest 5k time of my life. To seal the deal, they had free beer and a cash bar. Amazing!

The “I ❤ MUD” slogan was written on my by my husband who was up in arms over my hot pink shirt selection. By the way, hot pink comes out looking GREAT in mud and water.  

Worst exercise experience.

Running 8 miles behind a man wearing shorts that looked like a fake exposed bottom with a band aid on it. I could never stay ahead of him so I just blew my time and walked for a while. Uhm…yes. I am a mental runner.

Exercise Goal(s)

Run the Disney 2013 Goofy Challenge.

Complete an Ironman triathalon.

Complete a marathon or half marathon in every state.

Sport I would like to try.

Snowboarding. You are never too old to make a fool of yourself.

Sport I have no desire to try.

High diving. Afraid of heights. Hate them. Don’t even like elevators. Rescued one too many times from the community pool diving board.

My family.


A husband and two boys. Sometimes the testosterone levels in my house are beyond my tolerance level. We have “testosterone hour” and “testosterone month”. My running time and distance correlate perfectly with these events.


I wish!!! I have a secret dream that I will be selected for What Not To Wear. I love fashion. I just do not have the energy, looks, time or means to do it. I love running skirts and wish they had better fashioned running shoes. I am debating switching to Newtons because they look so cool!!!!

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