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Snooze alarm quick draw

In Exercise can't be this fun! on August 8, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Dear Future Grandchildren,

This is your grandmother at the age of 38. If you wonder why I get up naturally at 4:30 in the morning, there is good reason. I once slept in until 10 am where my only marathon was the Real World marathon playing on MTV on Saturdays.  Getting up early then was 7:15 to make it to work by 8 am.  Then I had children, worked full-time, picked up real marathons as a sport, organized a running group and had to start getting up at 4:30 am in the morning to get it all in.  I became the fastest snooze alarm pusher in the east to savor that extra few seconds of sleep. I used my legs to run charity races and I raised thousands of dollars in charity over the years while raising your dad and uncle. After years of pre-sunrise wake up alarms I am assuming by the time you get to know me, I will have permanently ruined my capacity to sleep in.   Hopefully, I am still running…

 Love your future grandmother,


Donate to Team in Training (any amount counts)

Honor a Hero ($39 donation = 1 dedicated mile)

39.3 Miles Goofy I am Doing It

Every penny counts! Goofy Training Update

In That's Goofy! on July 31, 2012 at 11:58 am

This week’s update is a great one. 


My update for last week was mid-week (went through Wednesday) so there is not a ton to report on training.  I took Thursday off since I did a double workout on Wednesday and then Friday it rained and one kiddo had Fifth’s Disease to my plans to run were out the window. 

Saturday – 11.12 mile run. 

Sunday – off

Morning sunrise.

Monday – 1 hour boot camp followed by a 20 minute/2-mile run.  I was up at 4:30 am to get it all in and back home by 7 am. Another hero donation the night before and the welcome of a beautiful morning sun was fantastic motivation.


Hero Fundraiser – Fundraising is off to a GREAT start!!! I have 3 heros to run for!  You can read more about that HERE>>> Hero Fundraiser.  Basically, for a $39 donation, I dedicate a mile to your hero.  I have some fun surpises for you and your hero so go read about it. I am just thrilled that I can run for a cause.  One friend posted a photo this weekend on facebook and it sums it all up.

Make a change – Since I was young, I have kept a spare change jar. My grandmother kept a spare change jar. She would add up the money and buy savings bonds for all her grandchildren. When we graduated college, it was her gift to us. Watching her save and count her pennies and have it turn into a wonderful gift really made an impression.   Over the years, my spare change jar was the revenue stream for toys, as I grew older, weekend trips and lately charitable organizations. The change bucket was looking pretty big so I add it all up and it came out to $250. Since my company matches up to $250 dollars, I thought this was a great way to pay this gift forward and double the effort. 

Totals to Date

$467 on-line donations

$250 pending corporate match

Total: $717 to date or 18% of goal!

If you would like to make a donation, you can go directly to My Fundraising Page or if you would like to honor a hero, check out My Hero Fundraiser.

 ❤ Jennie

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