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In Bucket Goals on July 26, 2012 at 1:03 pm

Do you have a hero? Somone who has fought cancer, fighting cancer, dedicated their time to help cancer patients or just a person that really has made a difference in your life? On January 12-13 I will run in the Disney Goofy Challenge covering 39.3 miles over 2 days  with a goal of raising over $3900.  I want to honor 39 individuals during this run.

How you can honor a hero

  • Donate $39 (or more) at
  • Write, “I have a hero” in the comments section when you donate. Feel free to name your hero in the comments or I will contact you.
  • I will contact you with additional details. You may choose as short message, name, and mile number if available.
  • One $39 donation per mile (you may donate for additional heros or list mutiple family members on one mile)
  • Only 39 spots available 😉

Who is a hero?

Anyone! It can be an honored patient, in memory of a loved one, your children, a person who is just a hero in your life. You name your hero!

What you receive

  • One mile of the 39.3 mile run will be dedicated to your hero.
  • A photo of their mile maker from my run mailed to you in January.
  • A ribbon on my shirt with a short message honoring your hero (white for boys, lavender for girls). I will wear these during the marathon weekend.
  • A special holiday card.
  • A special thank you note.

The Disney courses run through all four theme parks and by their themed landmarks such as Cinderalla’s castle.  You can see their maps in large scale and detail by clicking the link titles below. Feel free to pick a specific mile marker if it is still available, otherwise I can randomly assign one to your hero. All miles have awesome mile markers and there is something great each mile along the way.

Disney Half Marathon

Disney half marathon course

Disney Marathon Map

  1. For Jack C. Your daughter is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met (both inside and out). It is an honor to have you at mile 1!
  2. Marshall Bowen (aka grandpa). Thanks to aunt Phyllis I get the honor of running a mile for you.  Cancer took you from us too soon 😦
  3. Suraih who lost his battle with cancer but still lives in the hearts of his family.
  4. Kim R.from your friend Bill 🙂
  5. Dylan C. For your big 5 buddy. Your mom says you do chemo with a smile. Truly honored to run this mile for you!
  6. available
  7. Adam Harrington from Amy for being 7 years cancer free 🙂
  8. available
  9. available
  10. available
  11. available
  12. Louise B (aka Grandma). Thanks to a wonderful donation from aunt Phyllis, I have the honor of running a mile for you. You fought cancer and won!
  13. Dad – giving you the last mile of the half. Thanks for making all those raw egg shakes, packing double sandwiches and helping me get through cross country season in high school. You are the perfect inspiration for the last mile of this day 🙂

Disney marathon

14. Grandpa T.  I miss you. The first mile of this day is for you. Cancer took you from us too soon. Mom donated enough for many heros and I thought you should get a mile. Thanks for swimming all those laps for us, making me smile and being a great example of true love.

15. available

16. available

17. available

18. available

19. For little Miss Kylie from your mom’s friend Cindy! This mile of the marathon with Cinderella’s castle is for you for fighting Leukemia and going into remission!!!

20. available

21. Mom – the age you had me.  You are my hero. You put up with me and love unconditionally. (PS. Check out 13 and 14 too 🙂

22. available

23. Reserved for J.C.

24. available

25. available

26. available

27. available

28.  Mary Ann M. For a special gift. 🙂

29. available

30. available

31. available

32. available

33. available

34. available

35. available

36. available

37. available

38. “Jennie -For her big heart and all the time and effort she puts in helping others.” Yes this is me. I did not write this. My parents donated a hero mile in my name, because I am their hero. Corny, I know, but gotta love them <3. (Of course they donated enough for several more so I am sneaking in a few hero mile suprises for them…13,14 and 21 🙂

39. Kim R.  Our friend Tiffany is the BEST as I am sure you know! This is my favorite mile and she dedicated it just for you :)!

39.3 My 3 guys because the last .3 miles are the hardest!!!

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