My Health Assessment

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  • My health assessment for January 2012

I sort of have a love – hate relationship with the scale. Well “sort of”  does not really cut it. I saw the 120’s two times in the last decade. Both times about 2 minutes before I decided to take a pregnancy test, both of which turned out positive. I figured if I was seeing a 12x then Murphy’s Law would reign and I would be pregnant. I was correct.

 I have been stuck at 137 +- 1 lb for a year. That can be annoying. I should be happy because I was stuck at 144 for years before that and the 7 pound loss is certainly welcome.
But I know that weight alone is not an accurate measure of health and fitness so when I saw that my gym conducted free health assessments every 8 weeks I decided to jump in.
Prior my assessment I was given a few instructions:
  • No exercise before the assessment.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do not eat salty foods.

The assessment began with a check of my heart rate and pulse, followed by body composition analysis (pinch test, bioimpedence, waist and hip measurements), treadmill test, strength and finished with flexibility.

In total the assessment took about 40 minutes and my results were better than expected.  First, my home scale measures my fat anywhere between 33-35% so I was thrilled to see a healthy (although not super trim) 27.2%. My range should be between 21-33%. Ranges vary by age and gender.

The metric I was most interested in was my VO2 Max which is a measure of oxygen intake. This was measured by tracking my pulse rate on an inclined treadmill during intervals of increased speed.  My VO2 Max result came out very good for my age and gender.

My health assessment baseline vs current

Baseline vs Current assessment tracks my weight and health management over time. This is my first assessment. When I return in about 10 weeks I will have a comparison.

Why do it?

  • Most health clubs offer free health assessments to their members.
  • It contains a better baseline for overall health and fitness compared to a scale alone.
  • You have a way to track your overall fitness.
  • It is easy.

Goals for the next assessment

I set a few personal goals for myself for the next assessment. By the next assessment I will have completed another round of boot camp and tabata classes and also completed another half marathon. My goal is to test the week of March 26.

  • Decrease my body fat by 2%.
  • Decrease body weight by 5-7 pounds.
  • Increase VO2Max
  • Increase push ups to 50


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